July 05, 2017

Clear + Brilliant - 7 Day Review

Hey Guys, 

I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the Clear + BrilliantTreatment. Rather than just making a blog post on my experience, I have filmed it - that was you can see first hand exactly how my skin is looking. 

So what is a Clear + Brilliant Treatment? 

This treatment was developed by the pioneers of fractional laser treatments. The Clear + Brilliant system is designed to deliver powerfully precise laser energy to stimulate a refreshing boost that only Clear + Brilliant can deliver. Firstly a numbing cream is applied all over the face and then cleaned prior to the treatment. The machine is then guided across the face, this whole process took around 15min (minus numbing time). After my face felt slightly irritated and had a fair bit of heat coming from it - very similar to sunburn. Later that afternoon, my skin started to feel rather rough and grainy, like sandpaper. 

This treatment is suggested to be aimed at those with pigmentation issues, dull skin or looking for a youthful boost. It is also designed to help fight the natural affects of ageing and improve skin texture and tone. 

If you are interested to see my skin experience with the Clear + Brilliant treatment, click the video below. 


Talk Soon, S x. 

May 25, 2017

I'm Vlogging...

Hey guys, I am sure some of you are aware but maybe not - that I also have a youtube channel. I created it many moons ago and then pretty much stopped uploading for 18months. 

But, I am back! 

I am now uploading vlog style videos where It is more day in the life style with a hint of everything I enjoy - Beauty, Fitness and Food! 

I wanted to share with you quickly my vlog playlist - it also includes some travel vlogs as well! 

I will be uploading another two videos shortly and hope to keep the content coming. 

I would love if you checked them out - gave them a thumbs up and even gave me some feedback! 

Hope you enjoy. 

Shan x.  

May 19, 2017

Fitness Friday | Whats In My Gym Bag

After what seems like forever, I have finally re-joined a gym. As you would see on my Instagam, I have been getting back into fitness and holding myself more accountable by putting it out in the blogosphere. Up until a few weeks ago, I was only attending hot yoga and pilates, while these are amazing in their own right, I could definitely feel my body lacking.

At the end of 2016 I was using class pass for most of last year, which was incredible and I was seeing some really great results - I actually lost 8kg which I was over the moon about.  Anyhoo, soon after they made a few changes and I needed to find something else which better suited my needs. Fast forward to april and I have finally found a place, local to me, which is amazing! I want to share more of my Fitness Journey with you, and what better place than what is in my gym bag.

I should also mention I have a locker at work, so if I do a river walk or park workout during lunch, I have a lot of this stuff stored at work permanently as well. (that could maybe be a separate blog post?)

I will just go over my basics which I keep in my bag (I use a Nike backpack) when I go to my local gym.

My Workout Necessities  

Water Bottle - I generally just take a small Voss water bottle to the gym. Its light and compact and easy to carry around with all of my other stuff. I do have a big 2.2L water bottle, but I generally use this on longer activities or when I am out for an entire day.

Towel - This little  'Real Active Movement' towel has been my go to for months now. I love microfibre towels for many reasons, but this one also has a handy zip pocket on it so I can store my keys away safety if I am trying to zip in for a quick training session and not wanting to take a bag at all. Check out their instagram @realactivemovement & 10% of proceeds are donated to mental health charities.

Heart Rate Monitor and Watch - This trust little guy has been my favourite gym buddy for so many years. I find it is the best motivation. For me I am easily motivated visually, so when I see my heart rate at a certain point or the amount of calories burnt, I am driven to work harder to push it that bit further and beat the current status.

Interval Beeper - For me HIIT workouts are pretty much the standard, if I trained 7 times in a week, at least 4 of them would be HIIT. I find my body responds best to this style of workout. The interval beeper was my solution to not having my phone on me during workouts, limiting my distractions and helping keep my focus.

Headphones - I am currently just using the standard apple headphones, but I do have some wireless beauties coming - more on those soon.

Ankle Weights - Because I like being able to push myself that extra bit with certain exercises.

Skipping Rope - I have a weird thing about skipping ropes, I find not all are the same. This is a weighted rope and it helps me to skip better for longer. Nothing more frustrating then trying and not being able to get a good momentum going.

Quest Bar -  I swap this in and out for protein shakes as well. Sometimes this is easier on the go and I dont have to worry about stinky shakers. If I am out of these I will generally take a Banana and leave it in the car.

Ro's Argan Body Moisturiser - The perfect shower on the go product. It is a body wash and moisturiser in one.

Deoderant - I generally like to freshen up after my workout, usually this is where baby wipes would could in handy as well. I am loving this natural Moo Goo deoderant atm. Do you use any natural deoderants?

Hand Sanatiser - I permanently have this in my car door, I like to sanatise when I get in the car, before I eat or drink.

Dry Shampoo - After I have showered I will generally bring my hair back to lift with a few spritz's of dry shampoo. Its amazing the difference it can make.

I would love to know what are you Gym Workout Necessities and what type of workouts you have been doing lately.

Also if their are any other health/fitness type blog posts you would be interested in, please let me know in the comments.

Talk soon,
S x.

May 09, 2017

Lush Cosmetics - Mothers Day Haul

GUYS! It is crunch time, Mothers Day is just around the corner. So time to get yourself into gear if you haven't already. And if you haven't then Lush Cosmetics have you covered for all the wonderful and beautiful last minute gift ideas.

This years collection has a lot of bath products, and what mum wouldn't love a beautiful evening being spoilt and topped off with a relaxing bath.

So lets get into it...

Mum Bath Bomb - $6.95 
This is such a relaxing and fresh scented floral bath bomb with hints of lemon and orange oils. Its the type of scent that you could really drift away with. Available in Pink & Yellow.

Ups a Daisy Bath Bomb - $7.95
A more earthy scented bath bomb, still with a hint of rose. I can't wait to see this one dissolve, the various colours will be incredible to see.

Baa Bar Bubble Bar - $8.95
The perfect addiction to any Bath Bomb, a bath really isn't complete (in my opinion anyway) without the addition of a bubble bar. This little Baa Bar is so adorable and has the most incredible scent or lavender, rose and ylang ylang - probably one of my favourite combinations. If the bath bomb didn't whisk you away, well this then sure will.

For those Mummy's that prefer a shower, well they have not been forgotten about.

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream - $10.50/100g
For those short on time, you still don't have to miss out on the pamper experience. This shower cream includes organic cocoa butter to condition and soften your tired skin. The scent is interesting and not something I can pin point but it definitely keeps me coming back for more.

Pink Custard Shower Jelly - $7.50/100g
This might be the product I am most excited about... almost. Mainly as I have never used a shower jelly before! It seriously feels like a jelly pudding and the lavender smell is incredible.

And to not forget those after bath/shower pamper moments..

Scrubee Body Butter - $14.95
This is actually definitely the product I am most excited about! I have a confession - and I love buffing products. This product looks cute and innocent but in with the beautiful hydrating honey and cocoa butter is a mix packed full of coconut shells and ground almonds. I can't wait to get this one into the shower. Perfect way to exfoliate and relax in bath as well.

Honey Lip Scrub - $9.95
Lip scrubs are some of my favourite products, especially coming into winter - they help refresh and prep the lips. The vanilla and citrus scent is stronger than the lower honey notes. It reminds me of butter menthols - could be a little dangerous.

Also not to forget that if you just can't pick, remember Lush have gift packs available as well. That way the wrapping and everything is taken care for you as well.

So what will you be getting Mum this Mothers Day? xx 

May 01, 2017

Elucent Anti-Ageing Skin Care Review

I have been recently trialing the Anti-Ageing skin care range by Elucent. I have an interest in anything anti-ageing for a number of years now. There are so many different products on the market which promise you the world, so I wanted to try make it a little easier for you and explain exactly what AHA's are, how they work and why the Elucent range actually works to improve your skin's appearance.

So what are AHA'S?
AHA means Alpha Hydroxy Acids, they can be naturally derived from plants and milk. However 99% of those which are used in skincare are actually synthetic.

How do they work?
I know a lot of people shudder when you mention you use a certain type of acid on your skin, probably imaging irritated, sore and burnt skin. However these work in a very different and wonderful way. AHA's generally work in three ways, to help moisturize, exfoliate and reduce wrinkles.

The two key ingredients in the Elucent range are;

Glycolic Acid – This is one of the most commonly used AHAs in skincare. It has a very low molecular size, which allows it to effectively penetrate skin. The dead skin cells that bind with the skin are removed by glycolic acid by loosening the “glue” that sticks the dead cells with the skin. Shedding dead cells faster also promotes the emergence of new cells.

Lactic Acid – It can be found in milk. We know that milk baths have been popular throughout the ages to help achieve beautiful skin. Lactic acid is a good skin moisturiser as it helps retain water in the skin. It is also a good exfoliator of dead skin cells. It can be used in combination with other AHAs in skin care products.

Products in the Anti-Ageing Range

In addition to the key ingredients, the range is packed full of vitamins including, E, C & B3 which are amazing for your skin.

Like with introducing any new skin care range, it is generally a gradual transition from the old to the new. Elucent make it even easier, with a day by day breakdown on what you should be using day & night, to ensure you don't use too much AHA too soon.

AHAs may cause mild and temporary tingling to the skin, which is very normal. For those who haven't used AHA products before it is important to begin with the lowest level of AHAs before moving to the higher levels.

Gentle Cleasner - 2% AHA 
This cleanser is probably the coolest visually, it is actually an amazing pearlescent shimmery colour. Not that that is important to how it performs (or maybe it is a magical unicorn cleanser) but I thought it was worth noting. The cleanser itself doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and tight. It lathers really well onto the skin and leaves it feeling clean.

Day Moisturiser - SPF 50+ & 4% AHA
I really like the feel of this moisturiser on my face, it is very hydrating and sinks into the skin very nicely. My make up has been applying very smoothly over this moisturiser. I don't experience any tingling sensations which this level of AHA. 

Night moisturiser - 8% AHA
I have really enjoyed the consistency of this moisturiser, it has that thick luxurious feel. It still didn't take too long to absorb into my face, although slightly longer than the day cream which was to be expected. I find I do get slight tingling when applying, but this quickly disappears within a few minutes of applying. The formula also contains B3, C & E Vitamins to help hydrate and replenish the skins moisture balance whilst sleeping. I definitely notice a difference in the morning after having applied this moisturiser the night before.

Body Moisturiser - 12% AHA 
This is one product I should definitely use more, but to be honest, I can be a little slack which body moisturisers. I should actually take this to work as this is where I generally remember to apply. I am excited to see how this works on my shoulders, as this is one other place I occasionally will get blemishes. It is a light & non-greasy moisturiser, so I have no issue applying and then getting dressed. 

Eye Cream - 4% AHA 
I like the packaging of this product, with a small nozzle type tip. The cream itself its more like a gel, which was absorbed into the skin very easily. It also contains the beauties like Vitamin B3, C & E. I felt very mild tingling but this went away within seconds. 

Serum - 16% AHA 
This product has the highest concentration of AHA in the entire range. I definitely notice a nice tingle when I apply this product, again it doesn't irritate or cause me any pain. The serum itself is a clean runny liquid which absorbs into the skin very quickly. Be careful not to apply too much of this and a little does go a long way. Remember with AHA's you want to ease your skin into them. 

Below is the two week recommended transition from the Elucent website.


My Experience
I have found the entire range worked really well on my skin, minus the small purge which occurred around day 5-7 after I started using the products. I am definitely seeing a brighter, smoother and more refined looking complexion. I am feeling that extra boost of confidence with my make up free days. 

You can purchase these products from Chemist Warehouse or MyChemist. 


April 28, 2017

Mineral Make Up

I am someone who has always been very aware and conscious of health. I am continuously learning and challenging myself. It wasn't until recently I thought about mineral make up and why I hadn't tried to incorporate it into my lifestyle sooner. After all, as we are continuously told, our skin is our biggest organ.

If you follow me on instagram (shannon_gibb) you would be aware I have been 'experimenting' in the world of mineral make up. I use the word experiment very loosely, as it really is a no brainer and there are no actual risks involved. I am not going to be throwing out my collection but I do plan on making more of an effort to use and support mineral make up brands.

So firstly, what is mineral make up ?

It is make up made of minerals such as mica, zinc oxide, iron oxides and titanium dioxide (which has anti-inflammatory properties - wooo) and are free from filler ingredients preservatives like parabens, chemical dyes, binders and fragrances.

So obviously the absence of these filler ingredients is part of what makes mineral make up so much better for your skin. Also not adding these onto your skin, to be absorbed into your body unnecessarily is always a bonus. A lot of people also claim that by swapping to a mineral base it has helped clear up their acne issues.

The inclusion of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in mineral make up can actually offer you protection from the sun and from the effects of aging. These are Ingredients which can be found in sunscreen - cool isn't it.

For me, I would like to start by including more mineral base products into my collection. I feel the base would be the best and most exciting place to start.

So what I want to know, do you use mineral make up? Leave a comment below of your favourite mineral make up brands.

April 26, 2017

Facial Cleansing Brush: Foreo Luna 2 Mini Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a Foreo Luna Mini 2 to put to the test. If you want to read the full haul from ry.com.au click here. I have used a few types of cleansing tools and brushes previously. What had my attention and what I felt separated this brush from the rest was that it was made entirely of silicon.

My main concern with cleansing brushes in the past has been the hygiene and cleanliness of them, regardless of the amount of cleaning and changing of the brush heads. The idea of the brush is to help improve the overall skin and to clear up congested skins with open pores, blockages and breakouts. But this seems counter productive when you are potentially using a brush full of bacteria and who knows what else.

By using Ultra-hygienic silicone the device can overcome those issues and hesitations due to silicon being nonporous and then able to resist bacteria buildup. It has also been found that silicon and Foreo is 35X more hygienic than standard nylon cleansing brushes.

If that wasn't enough to make it a clear winner in the brush cleansing world, here are some other awesome facts about the device.

  • Another big win for this device is that it is actually BUDGET FRIENDLY (in my eyes), once you purchase the brush you don't have to worry about repeatedly changing brush heads, especially if you want it to remain hygienic. Multiple brush heads every year add up to a massive extra cost on top of the device.

  • I love the small compact size of the brush. It is surprising how light it is as well, which is awesome when factoring in travel use. I also kept the clear hard plastic container if came in - I thought this would be perfect as a travel case. Although it would easily fit in a toiletry case.

  • The device is USB chargeable (the only point I was a little unsure about at first). The battery life on this little guy is incredible. Foreo claims it should last 300 uses of a single charge (roughly every 5 months). I have been using it once daily for a little over 2 months now and it is still going strong.

  • The brush head has 3 different zones for different cleansing requirements; Thinner touch-points gently cleanse sensitive and normal skin, Thicker touch-points for precision cleansing & also broader touch-points on the reverse side address oilier skin.
I have been really enjoying using the Foreo Luna mini 2. I trust the cleanliness of the product and appreciate the convenience of a longer battery life. I was able to notice a deep clean using this device whilst surprised at how gentle it was on my face.

You can purchase any of the Foreo devices from ry.com.au

Have you heard of the Luna cleansing Brush? What tool do you use for cleansing your face? Let me know in the comments below.

*Products were kindly sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.