June 20, 2016

Where have I been ?

Now I realise I have been pretty slack with posting on the blog the last few months. But let me explain...

My partner Matthew & I started the year with one resolution/goal in mind.. to buy a house. And we kicked the year off with a bang and bought two! ..Well not quite - but we went to offer on one & after receiving a horrifying building & pest report we had to get out of that contract. Only to find our true dream home 2 weeks later. Things really do happy for a reason.

So it has been a whirl wind and stressful few months of cancelling contracts, an auction we couldn't bid at and finally purchasing our home after a multi offer situation. We are just so happy that everything went the way it did.

We officially moved house mid February & are starting to settle into our new home, including finches, hens & bees. (Yup - it came with all of these)

We purchased a half acre in south Brisbane, we were super lucky to find such a gem as these size blocks don't come up too often.

We have been doing a lot of garden/outdoor work to make it our own and get it to how we want it. We finally were able to put all of our potted fruit trees into the ground which was an amazing feeling! (FINALLY - What started out as 2 potted herb gardens on an apartment verandah, quickly grew into 2 herb gardens, a veggie patch and 10 fruit trees - Our love for gardening was born) In our first weekend alone we removed over 300kg of green garden waste from the front portion of the block - so we really have been busy.

I like to think of us now as urban farmers, but we have a lot to learn & I would like to take you along with us. That includes all of the renovations, outdoor transformations and our journey to becoming somewhat self sufficient. All of which I am hoping to include more of on my blog.

I will still be doing my normal beauty posts, but I would like to expand more on the lifestyle posts as we travel through this exciting time.

Talk Soon, S x.

Ps. If anyone has any suggestions on how to help Captain get along with the chickens, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Oh it looks lovely Hun, I actually live on acreage myself and love having all my animals and veggie patch we are wanting to be more self sufficient ourselves :) I look forward to reading your upcoming posts!

    Nicole xx | www.nicolesbeautybabble.com