June 23, 2016

Making A Change

One of my favourite quotes is 'If we know what we know, why do we do what we do' - I first heard this whilst listening to Dr Libby give one of her amazing and inspirational workshops. This quote resinated with me a lot.

I have read a lot of books, done a lot of research and learnt a lot during my very active teens - I preach so much good advice, yet I can be the worst to follow this good advice. So given I have all this knowledge, why is it I don't follow through? For me it is time.

To try and get a hold of my health and wellbeing again, I have set myself a few short term goals. I also have been looking into prepackaged meal options.

I have set 5 goals and I will reassess in 30 days.

  1. Lemon in 500ml of water every morning when I first wake up. 
  2. Lunch time walks around the river. 
  3. Attend yoga 2-3 times a week (in addition to pilates). 
  4. Eat healthy, wholesome food.
  5. Eat vegetarian, gluten free again. 
As I mentioned, I have been looking into prepackaged meal options to help with my goals and my time issue. I recently offered the chance to try out Wholesomeness Foods, I was very excited as this was the kick start I was looking for. 

There was a decent amount of meals available on the website, including fresh options, freezable winter meals and juices. I picked 5 meals and arranged to pick them up from the grange store. Delivery is only $14 and in the future I would opt for that option instead. 

The meals I chose; each were $9.95.

1. Lemongrass Chicken with Coconut Cauliflower Rice
2. Roast Mushroom with Bazil Nut Pesto, Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf
3. Frittata with Potato, Red Capsicum and Spinach 
4. Pumpkin Cashew Curry with Cauliflower Rice
5. Mexican Black Beans with Herbed Polenta 

Overall I enjoyed the convenience of packaged meals but I can be quite a picky eater so I'm not sure if it really is for me. Wholesomeness do offer a good variety of vegan, gluten free & dairy free options which I really appreciated. Also all meals are broken down into macros which is very handy.

To find out more about Wholesomeness, visit their website, wholesomeness.com.au or visit the cafe at 8 Days Road, The Grange - Brisbane. 

Talk Soon, S x. 

** Disclaimer; This post is not sponsored, however these meals were offered free of charge.

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