December 22, 2015

Obagi Nu Derm System

Do you remember how your mother would tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

Well I feel that relates PERFECTLY to these products. I have always been drawn to attractive package & would often purchase based on that alone prior to knowing anything about a product.

These products are completely the opposite to my norm - I was contacted to review the Obagi Nu Derm system as it was the most relevant to my skin type & needs. I wasn't previously aware of the brand (which I now find shocking & hard to believe) & not all that intrigued by the packaging as it reminded me of products my grandma used to own. A quick google search quickly changed my mind as I soon realised the range was actually cosmeceutical. Looking at the packaging now made a lot more sense - it does resemble similar packaging to medicines. As I continued reading I also began to realise how much potential and how widely loved the brand was.

I have started this week using the foaming gel, toner & exfoderm forte. I am already impressed with what I am seeing but I will keep that for my full review which I will post in approx 6 weeks.

Stay Tuned Beauties.


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