January 07, 2016

New Year Beauty Resolutions

Welcome back, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and lovely New Years. To kick things off I thought I would share my beauty resolutions with you all.

1. Drink more water - pretty obvious but being in an office all day I often forget.
2. Clean my brushes more regularly - I know we are all guilty of it.
3. Wear SPF more often - my skin will thank me for it.
4. Detox my nails - the harsh chemicals from acrylics all year can't be good.
5. Have makeup free days - give my skin a chance to breath and revive itself.
6. Finish more products - Rather than opening the new one, finish the one or three you already have.
7. Be creative - I definitely stick to my comfort zone, time to step away from the norm, maybe even a beauty dare every month?
8. Project Pan - I did a project pan a few years back, I definitely need to complete another.
9. Stop touching my face - one of my worst habits, without thinking I just touch and dare I say.. pick.
10. Nail winged eyeliner - Its not something I do often but I would love to perfect it.

Well there you have it, a few of my 2016 beauty goals. This is the first year I have made 'beauty resolutions' - I feel these are very achievable and easy to work into my lifestyle. 

What Beauty Resolutions Have You Made For 2016?



  1. Some awesome resolutions! I am planning on doing a project pan as well! I want to use up lots of products!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. Great resolutions, I will be trying to adapt a few of these specially the drink more water one :)

    Nicole xx | www.nicolesbeautybabble.blogspot.com.au

  3. Number 6! Guilty!!
    Great resolutions!

    Interested in this, project pan!.?