January 11, 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites

To start of the new year I thought I should share some of my favourite beauty products from 2015. I have included a few skin care products. If you would be interested in a full skincare post please let me know in the comments. So lets just jump straight into the products.


Face of Australia HD Primer: If your a fan of silicon based, velvet feeling, pore blurring primers, then this is the primer for you.

L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer: I actually didn't use this as an actually primer too often, I really loved how this worked more as a luminizer mixed into my foundation. I would add two pumps to my foundation & mix before applying to boost my morning glow.


Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin 030 Sand: I am obsessed with this foundation, it gives amazing flawless coverage and lasts all day. It is actually a vitamin enriched foundation which is meant to improve the skins overall appearance. I couldn't confidently say I agree this works as I use a large arrange of skin care products which assist my skin daily. I was using the Maybelline Superstay 24hr Makeup prior & I definitely feel this performs better and sits better on my skin. 

L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte: I really enjoy the coverage and powder matte finish of this foundation. The matte finish really helps when I am having my oily days/weeks. It really was long wearing, I was able to go a lot longer without any touch ups. I don't generally wear make up when I work out but when I would train after work this foundation wouldn't budge. 


Maybelline Age Rewind, Fair: By far my favourite concealer of all time. Amazing coverage & blends beautifully. Also works well to highlight the area as well.

NARS Creamy Concealer, : Another beautiful thick concealer, I don't have any issues with creasing. There is a quite good colour range & a little goes a long way.


Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder, Darkest Brown: I honestly think this could be a dupe for MAC Studio Fix Powder. They have brought out a few more colours which is a major plus. I wear 'darkest brown' which I was quite surprised about as I am not the darkest of skin tones.  


Mac Braun Eyeshadow: I purchased this years ago but have not used it as a shadow in a long time. I find it a great natural brown/taupe colour which compliments my skin tone & brow colouring. Also this product will last you a lifetime. 

Chi Chi Brow Pomade, Medium Brown: I only wear a pomade when I am wanting to achieve a more intense and defined brow. I also actually prefer this to the ABH Brow Promade. It dries a bit slower which makes it a little easier to work with. A little goes a long way, I need to be very light handed as it is easy to get carried away. 


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter, Moonstone: Becca had a massive 2015 and I only wish I purchased more products. This is the only Becca product I own & I quickly understood the hype. It is a highly pigmented beautiful pale almost peachy champagne colour. I have never had a highlight which applied as beautifully as this.

L'Oreal Lumiere Eyeshadow, Gold Mania: I purchased this on the advise of another beauty & have been very impressed. I adore products which have a multi use. This shadow is as it describes, an absolute gold mania - dusted lightly it gives a standout highlight. Closer on the colour scale to champagne pop than Moonstone.

Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer: Another product I have used more so as a foundation mix in than anything else. It provides a stunning glow. Also can be applied as a highlight base before adding a powder highlight to give that disco ball pop. 


Benefit Bad Gal Lash: I think the main reason I love this mascara so much is the brush. It is so big and dense yet fluffy as well. It really gets in & around all of your lashes and helps to push them up and apart. (Not sure how I forgot to mention the Benefit Roller Lash - hands gone revolutionary in the mascara game)

Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost: At first I wasn't the biggest of fans for this mascara, I found the consistency of the mascara to be too wet & it took a little longer to dry. Mentioning it to my friend a few weeks later she told me she absolutely couldn't live without it - obviously I had to give it another go & it was like it was a different mascara. The consistency has changed as the product has dried a fraction. The wand was also similar to Benefit Bad Gal, so instantly I fell in love - especially considering it is a fraction of the price.

Rimmel Wonder'ful Wake Me Up: I am a bit fan of fresh scents, so this cucumber inspired mascara was ticking boxes for my from the get go! I was also a fan of the consistency & the wand, it really allowed me to get into the inner corners & hard to get lashes.

Inglot 505: This is my perfect contour shade more so than an actual bronzer. Using it as a bronzer can actually give a more muddy look.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer: I always reach back for this bronzer over my higher end products - I love the beach getaway skin kissed look it gives my skin. 

Mac, Margin: I came across this blush in a Jaclyn Hill tutorial & had to have it. It added such a beautiful peach, golden bronze glow to the cheeks.

Essence Silky Touch, Autumn Peach: The perfect drugstore peach shade. Really adds a lovely hint of colour without too much shimmer, which can be perfect for work.  

Make Up Geek, Romance: It was difficult to just pick one MUG blush, this is definitely my most used blush in my collection. It is similar in its peachy golden appearance but much more subtle. A girl can never have too many peach blushes. 

Eye Products
Make Up Geek: Now I couldn't pick just one shade, these are by far my favourite eyeshadows, if you haven't purchased any yet, you need to get to it pronto! The colour range is amazing and they just blend beautifully. I have become very obsessed with my newest MUG family member, foiled eyeshadow - flame thrower.

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette: This palette is a story in itself - I was so excited to finally receive it and it did not disappoint. I was a little skeptical due to the price but Morphe certainly do not disappoint. I am also dying to get my hands on the 350 palette.

Eyelure 117 Lashes: Easily my favourite lashes of all time. They fit so well, are not too long & I don't feel like small butterflies have decided to re-home on my eyelids. I can easily get away with wearing these during the day which I love. 

Skin Care

Nuxe Nuxellence Detox Serum: This is truly a miracle in a bottle. I use this at night time with any of the below products to help improve my skin. This product is fast working - my skin looked firmer & brighter after just a few nights using it.

Skinsitute Retinol Serum: I have totally fallen in love with this serum. After returning from a summer in Europe, I was really struggling with my skins appearance. After using this for a short time I began to see improvements in my skins texture. It also helped with any pesky beneath the skin scarring, helping to reduce pigmentation.

Hydraluron Moisture Booster: This product claims to hold up to 1000 times its weigh in water. As a girl with dehydrated skin, obviously with a claim like that I was very interested to give it a go. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated & soft. I apply this before my night cream or serum & I find it helps boosts the benefits of those.

Benefit Its Potent Eye Cream: I had used this cream a few times & I didn't really see what the fuss was about. I think used it more as a 'mask' by really applying it generously and letting it soak into my under eye area for around 15-20 minutes. I then really started to notice improvements in my hydration and skin plump-ness.

Black Pearl Superior Night Cream: I was not 'happy' to be receiving this product and reluctant to use due to the circumstances. But obviously having spent money I wasn't going to let it go to waste. I couldn't believe how luxurious it felt on my skin. It is a thick moisturiser but does not leave my skin feeling heavy or oily.  

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite products of 2015. Make sure you leave me a comment with any suggestions you have for 2016.

Talk Soon, S x. 


  1. Awesome favourites! I am seeing so much Make Up Geek and it's making me sad about having none haha. Amazing photos too!! <3


    1. **shocked face** I cant believe you haven't purchased any! Keep your eyes peeled for free shipping - they are so worth it! :) x

  2. Great post, I love reading about other people's favourites! I'm also a fan of Luxe.


    1. Favourites give you such a good insight don't they! Thanks for reading xx

  3. Ah so many favourites! I love the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation, it's so good! I'm desperate to try the Morphe palettes, they all look amazing!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    1. Thank you for reading lovely! Morphe have really stepped it up! What palette are you most interested in?

  4. such amazing items! I definitely need to try every single one, especially the mascaras! I'm on the market for new ones haha (:

    Life in Pastel