February 02, 2016

REVIEW: Nuxe Nuxellence Detox Night Serum

This magical purple bottle contains the first detoxifying and youth revealing anti-ageing care. With 10 patent ingredients, this serum promises to make you appear as if you had an extra 2 hours sleep. The serum combines the use of passionflower, anchusa & poppy extract, which enables it to both detoxify the skin & release it's anti-aging powers. I have been using this product for approx 5 months now.

I wish I took before & after photos for you, although I am not sure if it is something that would 100% show up on camera. For a while now, I have been self conscious of my skins appearance. The overall texture of my skin was lacking. I had been at a loss of what to do to correct the dull, rough appearance.

This product was so light to apply, it can be applied on its own but really comes into its element when applied with another cream or serum to help enhance the workings of both.

Its not often I feel like a product works instantly. I woke up the next morning & couldn't believe how much smoother, plump & firm my skin appeared. My boyfriend actually commented I looked really good, maybe it was that 'extra two hours sleep' I got.

You can purchase it from Adore Beauty for $64.99 - I definitely feel this is worth the price tag & will repurchase in a heart beat.

Talk Soon, S x.


  1. Ah that sounds awesome! And it's quite affordable compared to some of the higher end serums. I need to invest in a new serum, this one might be the way to go!

    Kate | themintedblog.com

    1. Absolutely is! I have paid similar money for serums which really do nothing. You wont be disappointed with this one.. its a real wonder worker!

  2. I LOVE this serum!! I hope I never run out! haha <3