February 11, 2016

Superfoods Hair Masks

Hair masques have become a necessity for me. Having had blonde, brown, red and now blonde again hair, I have really pushed my hair through the limits. When I found out about this 3 step super food hair treatment regime, I was very intrigued. Looking at the main ingredients, packed with essential nutrients,  I knew this could be a power combo.

The masques are cruelty free and come in a pack containing three 80ml bottles which are used in a sequence over the course of around 1 week. Each bottle should provide around 3-4 treatments, depending on your hair length & thickness. I have used the masques 3 times.


Manuka Honey - This honey is known for its healing properties, typically used on the skin or taking orally for immunity. It has also been known to help with split ends as it softens and smoothes the hair by improving the hair follicle and scalp at the same time. It can also help with dry scalp.

Coconut Oil - I have been a long time big fan of coconut oil for hair,  this oil also improves split ends and dry scalp. The fatty acids in coconut oil able it to penetrate the follicle more deeply and faster then other hair conditioners.

Acai Berry - Now I know your thinking - wait isn't that the main ingredient in my smoothie bowl? But it is also said to be amazing for hair growth and strengthening the hair from the roots out.

Argan Oil - I have been using argan oil for years as a leave in treatment and smoothing serum to keep my hair in check. It makes the hair feel silkier, shinier and smoother.

Macadamia Oil - This is one of the ultimate hair oils, helping to tame and detangle hair whilst adding shine. This oil leaves the hair feeling silky smooth and super shiny.

How it Works

Each masque is used in order of 1, 2 3 with approx 2 days between treatments. Masques are applied after shampooing & conditioning to towel dried hair.

Step 1: HYDRATE - This masque was a nice thick texture and applied very easily and evenly. I left it on for approx 10min. After washing the treatment out, my hair felt incredibly soft . The next morning my hair was very manageable, soft and flowy.

Step 2: HEAL - I thought my hair felt soft after step 1, but step 2 blew that out of the water. This masque has a beautiful berry scent & left my hair feeling super nourished.

Step 3: SHINE -  This masque smelt really nice. Was very creamy and easy to apply. My hair felt very soft, tangle free and smooth.

Overall I feel the use of 3 masques in around a week really benefited my hair, each treatment building and compounding on the previous. My hair definitely felt & looked healthier as well as being a lot more manageable. I would definitely repurchase these products to use in rotation on a semi-regular basis along with other hair masques.

Where to get it

The 3 step superfood hair treatment packs contain three 80ml bottles & retails for $39.95
You can also check out their instagram: superfoodhair



  1. Ohhhh these look interesting! My hair is starting to get really dry and dead on the ends, could be worth giving this brand ago! Awesome review Shan! xx

  2. I have never seen any masks like these before that are done in a sequence. I wonder if they could also be used on their own? The packaging is super cute!!! Great review xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  3. This is pretty cool! I like how you use them in a three step system, very unique.

    Kate | themintedblog.com

  4. These sound positively delicious! I am loving the ingredients in these! I don't have the thickest hair so I wonder if they would boost volume?

  5. These sound amazing! I am so obsessed with hair care so I neeeeed to give these a go!! x


  6. My hairs definitely need some loving right now! Have not been to the salon in so long! Ill have to check these out! The ingredients sound amazing!

    Tahana <3

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