June 19, 2015

Kombucha: Magic or Funky?

Have you heard about Kombucha? Pronouced: kom- BOO-cha

I started drinking Kombucha around 2 years ago & was really impressed with the results. 

The drink actually comes from the ancient Chinese, originally being called the "Immortal Health Elixir" ..And we know how much I love a good Elixir! It has actually been around for more than 2000 years, but only of late does it seem to becoming more common and easily accessible.

Kombucha is made from a bacteria/yeast culture.. Also known as a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) Along with this SCOBY the drink contains organic acids, active enzymes, & amino acids which are amazing for our immunity & gut health. This makes it amazing for detoxifying & balancing the body. 

Gut health is originally the reason I purchased my first bottle of Kombucha. As someone who is gluten intolerant, I have always have gut issues for as long as I can remember. Gut health can have a major effect on our overall health & wellbeing, both physical & mental. Having poor gut health can affect your immunity & your nervous system among other things. As an anxiety sufferer myself I can definitely say when focusing on my gut health I can see a very positive change in my mind. 

I purchase mine from my local health food stores, with the two main brands being Mojo & Buchi. Buchi is definitely my pick - I actually really enjoy the taste & could definitely drink a little too much if I let myself.. although I don't think there really could ever be too much Kombucha. 

I definitely feel like I function better & clearer when I am drinking Kombucha.. placebo effect maybe but regardless I won't be stopping anytime soon.

Do you have any 'weird' health addictions?

Talk Soon, S x. 

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