June 15, 2015

Get Hooked - Bait Hair Perfume Review

Everyone wants to leave a lasting impression right! That stand out factor that leaves people thinking WOW! That is why Bait Hair Perfume is the perfect product for you. 

I will admit when I first heard about Bait Hair I asked myself probably the same thing your thinking now... 'Perfume for your hair? Why not just put your normal perfume in your hair?'. The more I thought about it, the more I remembered how many time people have made comment on a scent I am wearing, only to realise the scent they were referring to was actually my conditioner or a hair product that they were able to smell... over my perfume!! I also then learnt that hair holds scent better than anywhere else on the body! So obviously I was instantly intrigued.

I received a beautiful package from Bait Hair - lets just say the attention to detail is beyond amazing. The beautiful gold packaging and white and spotted gold paper just made the delivery that bit more special.

So a little about the products;

A little goes a long way - 3 pumps on dry, styled hair & your ready to go! And it is super long lasting - I spritzed my hair in the morning and got a comment that evening from my partner that I smelt pretty (cutie). 

A few of the claims straight from the website;
  • Conceals odors and refreshes hair in-between washes
  • Non-greasy & won't wreck your 'do 
  • (friends don't let friends have bad hair days)
  • Suitable for ALL hair types (especially yours!)
  • Scent-sational & ultra long-lasting formula
  • Refreshes hair in-between washes

I loved that the scents were all free of paragons & sulfates - I do my very best to steer clear of these. My only concern was that the ingredients contained alcohol & this could of had a drying affect on my hair. With a little more reading I found they actually only contained 3 ingredients! Alcohol, silicone, & fragrance! I was super happy once I realised they also contained silicone, as this is also a primary ingredient in face primer - so as well as adding a little bit of shine it would also help protect the hair as well.

The Scents

Heart Breaker - This is for my sweet toothed girls, its a soft scent with a striking cotton candy and vanilla fragrance. I would suggest    
this for a first date, its subtle and sweet to keep Mr Dreamy guessing. 

Skinny Dipper - Definitely a summer scent for the inner ocean child, this scent will spark summer memories with a cocktail of coconut, suntan lotion and pool side aroma. This was my 2nd favourite - it is so sweet & sexy, I can figure out what it exactly reminds me. 

Day Dreamer - This was a different scent & probably the one I would reach for the least, but still stunning. It is a very laid back & relaxed summer scent of orange coconut & vanilla. I find the vanilla is most present with just hints of the other scents.  

Femme Fatale - This was hands down my favourite scent in the range, I couldn't get enough of it. Bait Hair describe this as exotic forbidden fruits, warm vanilla, and hints of dark amber, this sensual scent has been known to lead to irresistibly dangerous situations. I don't think I could of put it any better myself. I don't own anything that smells similar and I have received so many compliments when wearing it. 

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Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent from the company or their PR team for editorial consideration.

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