June 12, 2015

Caramel Smoothie with a BOOST

I will admit it, its no secret - I am a massive sweet tooth... & this can make keeping healthy a little difficult.

I have posted a few photos on instagram of my caramel coffee smoothie and received a bit of interest, so I thought it was about time I brought back Foodie Friday.

What you will need:

1-2 Banana (depending on now big/thick you want your smoothie)
4/5 Medjool Dates


Coconut Sugar
Almond Milk (I used water instead)
Chia Seeds (sprinkle on top when finished)

Place all ingredients in the blender & hey presto, delicious creamy caramel goodness! It really is just that simple!

Tip: You can also keep bananas frozen and use them instead of fresh - this also makes the smoothie a lot colder & I find it even more yummy!! 

For anyone who is a strict calorie counter, this won't be the smoothie for you - as I believe medjool dates are around 67 calories each. I would guess this smoothie sits around the 550 calorie mark. But for those who enjoy a well balanced diet and are not watching calories then its a delicious treat.

I find this smoothie to be very filling. I can actually sip on it throughout the day when I get a bit hungry instead of having a naughty snack.

As I mentioned the coffee was optional, I like to add coffee in the morning or if I'm feeling a bit lethargic - it really helps to just boost me up.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe & would love to hear your thoughts or any of your favourite smoothie recipes in the comments.

Talk Soon, S x.

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  1. Yum! I never would have thought to put the medjool dates in a smoothie, though now I think about it it makes perfect sense for the caramel!