June 22, 2015

7 Tips to Keep Lips Kissable

With winter well & truly with us here in Australia, I thought I would share a few quick tips to help keep that pout pretty!

1. Hydrate - I know you have heard it before.. but hydrating from the inside out will keep those lips looking healthy and not chapped.

2. Deep Moisture - I reconmend a good lip product to apply just before bed. We have all been there, waking up and moving your mouth only to find the movement cracks your lips. Not only does it not look good - but it is very painful as well. I recommend Chapstick Natural Paw Paw Lip Balm with 8hr moisture, Hurraw! Natural/Vegan Lip Balm or Kora Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm - depending on your price range.

3. Exfoliate - Every morning when you brush your teeth, exfoliate those puckers - this will also make them look a little more plump.

4. Licking your Lips - avoid avoid avoid!! Licking your lips is actually a sign of dehydration so If you do find yourself licking your lips then have a big glass of water. Licking your lips will also make them worse and dehydrate then further - apply a lip balm instead.

5. Avoid Matte - If your lips are slightly dehydrated then its best to avoid the matte products. This will only make matters look and feel worse. I would suggest trying something soothing & hydrating like the new Rimmel Oh My Gloss - enriched with Argan Oil & added Vitamin E.

6. Coconut oil - I highly recommend a coconut oil treatment once a week to give an even better and deeper hydration.

7. Don't Bite - Even I am guilty of this one, biting your lips may add colour but you will also do damage and potentially cause your lips to bleed.

I hope you have found these tips helpful, please leave any of your tips & tricks in the comments below.

Talk Soon, S x.

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