May 09, 2017

Lush Cosmetics - Mothers Day Haul

GUYS! It is crunch time, Mothers Day is just around the corner. So time to get yourself into gear if you haven't already. And if you haven't then Lush Cosmetics have you covered for all the wonderful and beautiful last minute gift ideas.

This years collection has a lot of bath products, and what mum wouldn't love a beautiful evening being spoilt and topped off with a relaxing bath.

So lets get into it...

Mum Bath Bomb - $6.95 
This is such a relaxing and fresh scented floral bath bomb with hints of lemon and orange oils. Its the type of scent that you could really drift away with. Available in Pink & Yellow.

Ups a Daisy Bath Bomb - $7.95
A more earthy scented bath bomb, still with a hint of rose. I can't wait to see this one dissolve, the various colours will be incredible to see.

Baa Bar Bubble Bar - $8.95
The perfect addiction to any Bath Bomb, a bath really isn't complete (in my opinion anyway) without the addition of a bubble bar. This little Baa Bar is so adorable and has the most incredible scent or lavender, rose and ylang ylang - probably one of my favourite combinations. If the bath bomb didn't whisk you away, well this then sure will.

For those Mummy's that prefer a shower, well they have not been forgotten about.

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream - $10.50/100g
For those short on time, you still don't have to miss out on the pamper experience. This shower cream includes organic cocoa butter to condition and soften your tired skin. The scent is interesting and not something I can pin point but it definitely keeps me coming back for more.

Pink Custard Shower Jelly - $7.50/100g
This might be the product I am most excited about... almost. Mainly as I have never used a shower jelly before! It seriously feels like a jelly pudding and the lavender smell is incredible.

And to not forget those after bath/shower pamper moments..

Scrubee Body Butter - $14.95
This is actually definitely the product I am most excited about! I have a confession - and I love buffing products. This product looks cute and innocent but in with the beautiful hydrating honey and cocoa butter is a mix packed full of coconut shells and ground almonds. I can't wait to get this one into the shower. Perfect way to exfoliate and relax in bath as well.

Honey Lip Scrub - $9.95
Lip scrubs are some of my favourite products, especially coming into winter - they help refresh and prep the lips. The vanilla and citrus scent is stronger than the lower honey notes. It reminds me of butter menthols - could be a little dangerous.

Also not to forget that if you just can't pick, remember Lush have gift packs available as well. That way the wrapping and everything is taken care for you as well.

So what will you be getting Mum this Mothers Day? xx 


  1. I want to grab the Yummy Mummy and the Daisy bath bomb! It's so cute!!

  2. Ah it all sounds so good! Keen to smell that shower gel!! <3


  3. These look amazing!! I seriously love Lush, I'll have to grab some for my mum (and some for me!)
    X Izzy

  4. The mum bath bomb gets me everytime! Its so cute!

  5. I love this collection too. I can't wait to try out the Baa Bar bubble bar though! I had to order online so waiting for the shipment!

  6. I need to get my hands on the Pink Custard Shower Jelly and Scrubee Body Butter. I don't do enough skin care outside of my face and going into winter isn't doing me any favours! Thanks for sharing these products x

    Isabella |

  7. Ahh, that little sheep bubble bar is so cute, and it sounds like an amazing scent too, looks like I'll have to pick it up before it is sold out! Xx

    Kez |