May 19, 2017

Fitness Friday | Whats In My Gym Bag

After what seems like forever, I have finally re-joined a gym. As you would see on my Instagam, I have been getting back into fitness and holding myself more accountable by putting it out in the blogosphere. Up until a few weeks ago, I was only attending hot yoga and pilates, while these are amazing in their own right, I could definitely feel my body lacking.

At the end of 2016 I was using class pass for most of last year, which was incredible and I was seeing some really great results - I actually lost 8kg which I was over the moon about.  Anyhoo, soon after they made a few changes and I needed to find something else which better suited my needs. Fast forward to april and I have finally found a place, local to me, which is amazing! I want to share more of my Fitness Journey with you, and what better place than what is in my gym bag.

I should also mention I have a locker at work, so if I do a river walk or park workout during lunch, I have a lot of this stuff stored at work permanently as well. (that could maybe be a separate blog post?)

I will just go over my basics which I keep in my bag (I use a Nike backpack) when I go to my local gym.

My Workout Necessities  

Water Bottle - I generally just take a small Voss water bottle to the gym. Its light and compact and easy to carry around with all of my other stuff. I do have a big 2.2L water bottle, but I generally use this on longer activities or when I am out for an entire day.

Towel - This little  'Real Active Movement' towel has been my go to for months now. I love microfibre towels for many reasons, but this one also has a handy zip pocket on it so I can store my keys away safety if I am trying to zip in for a quick training session and not wanting to take a bag at all. Check out their instagram @realactivemovement & 10% of proceeds are donated to mental health charities.

Heart Rate Monitor and Watch - This trust little guy has been my favourite gym buddy for so many years. I find it is the best motivation. For me I am easily motivated visually, so when I see my heart rate at a certain point or the amount of calories burnt, I am driven to work harder to push it that bit further and beat the current status.

Interval Beeper - For me HIIT workouts are pretty much the standard, if I trained 7 times in a week, at least 4 of them would be HIIT. I find my body responds best to this style of workout. The interval beeper was my solution to not having my phone on me during workouts, limiting my distractions and helping keep my focus.

Headphones - I am currently just using the standard apple headphones, but I do have some wireless beauties coming - more on those soon.

Ankle Weights - Because I like being able to push myself that extra bit with certain exercises.

Skipping Rope - I have a weird thing about skipping ropes, I find not all are the same. This is a weighted rope and it helps me to skip better for longer. Nothing more frustrating then trying and not being able to get a good momentum going.

Quest Bar -  I swap this in and out for protein shakes as well. Sometimes this is easier on the go and I dont have to worry about stinky shakers. If I am out of these I will generally take a Banana and leave it in the car.

Ro's Argan Body Moisturiser - The perfect shower on the go product. It is a body wash and moisturiser in one.

Deoderant - I generally like to freshen up after my workout, usually this is where baby wipes would could in handy as well. I am loving this natural Moo Goo deoderant atm. Do you use any natural deoderants?

Hand Sanatiser - I permanently have this in my car door, I like to sanatise when I get in the car, before I eat or drink.

Dry Shampoo - After I have showered I will generally bring my hair back to lift with a few spritz's of dry shampoo. Its amazing the difference it can make.

I would love to know what are you Gym Workout Necessities and what type of workouts you have been doing lately.

Also if their are any other health/fitness type blog posts you would be interested in, please let me know in the comments.

Talk soon,
S x.

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  1. Love the insight into your gym bag and good luck with your fitness goals! Xx

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