March 16, 2017

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

You may have seen these lipsticks online a little bit lately. I still wanted to share with you quickly some swatches and a really simple review. 

Overall I actually love these lipsticks. When I first received them I was a little uncertain about a few of the colours but once I actually tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised. Just goes to show, stepping out of your comfort zone isn't that bad after all. 

I really like the formula of them all, they didn't really differ from colour to colour like some lipsticks can. Some of the darker shades were slightly harder to work with but by using a lip brush and letting them warm on the lips, I found them to become very workable. Overall the formula is insanely buttery for a matte lipstick and I didn't find it bled on me at all, which is something I do struggle with. Also I cant not mention the smell - not sure, how or why but I love it - reminds me of raspberry lollies. 

Make sure you leave me a comment for which shade you would most likely wear? 


Run the Show 


Take the Stage

The Matte Factor 

Look Who's Talking

Leader in the Pink 

High Flyer

Call the Shots


  1. They look really good! I like The Matte Factor :)

  2. Great post! These are such pretty colours!!

  3. Trendsetter and High Flyer are my two faves.

  4. They all look so damn good on you! I love the formula of these, it's such a nice creamy matte!

    Laura || xx

  5. I really love Trendsetter, Salute and Call the Shots. Great pics :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  6. love the all, but I think salute and high flyer are my stand outs

  7. I've been loving the nude shades. They're so comfortable on the lips, really good quality x

  8. I really adore the purple shade!!!

  9. Call the shots and take the stage are my favorite colors. Trendsetter looks amazing on you!

    Lubz || Http://

  10. 'Look who's talking' looks SO amazing on you!!

    Tash /

  11. I love all of these shades! Buttery lipsticks work so much better on me too, I always find they bleed on me unless they're buttery!
    X Izzy

  12. wow they all look great on you! I love Trendsetter and Take The Stage! Call the Shots looks also really pretty on you!

  13. I'm in love with trendsetter but I think you can wear all the shades, you're really beautiful

  14. I've got to agree, I absolutely LOVE these lipsticks! They're amazing!!

    Also, I love your lip swatches. It's so great to see your whole face & how each colour compliments your skin tone.

    Elley |