October 09, 2015

Face Mask Focus: The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

One of my favourite ways to relax is to apply a face mask and just zone out. 

I recently fell in love with The Body Shop Tea Tree Foam Cleanser, so when I saw they offered a face mask from this range I had to try it. 

I have been a long-time fan of tea tree being used topically for its natural healing properties. Tea Tree has amazing antibacterial & antifungal powers and can assist in making some pretty amazing changes to the skin. 

I have combination-oily skin, oily in T-zone & with few acne - I also suffer from dehydration, regardless the amount of water I consume. I found using the tea tree foaming cleanser was amazing for my skin and the oil. 

The product is a green tinted, creamy clay like mask. When applied it gives a definite tea tree tingle to the skin, I would recommend staying very clear of the eyes & possibly using in a multi-making function only if you have very sensitive eyes.

I left this mask on for 15-20 minutes, it claims to not dry, however I found during this time the areas which I applied less definitely did dry completely. It wasn't hard & tight on the skin like other clay masks, which made it really easy to remove. The mask left my skin feeling very smooth but not tight or stripped of natural oils. I found it to help clear the skin of surface issues but it isn't a drawing clay mask - nor does it advertise to be.

To apply I use a small Klara Cosmetics brush I was gifted - I am really unsure of what its intended use is, but I found it is the perfect brush for applying face masks. This also eliminated any hygiene issues which arise when using your fingers to apply the mask. 

Overall I really like this mask and will continue to use it weekly.

Hope you enjoyed - make sure you let me know your favourite face masks. 

Talk Soon, S x. 


  1. Ben and I are loving the foaming cleanser as well! Will have to try this one out! <3

  2. Sounds like we have similar skin types! Might be worth a try for me :)