July 10, 2015

Mineral or Miracle Mask

I started using the Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask around 2 weeks ago & to say I am obsessed would be putting it lightly. 

This mask is actually unlike any other store bought mask I have tried. The natural creaminess of the mask makes it feel so luxurious. 

It is a light grey colour which I apply quite lightly (this jar will seriously last a long time). I apply all of my masks using a foundation brush - to literally 'paint' my face. This way I get so much more control over how the mask is applied &  I don't run the risk of ending up with it all in my hair. Then allowing it to dry completely, this generally takes around 10minutes, before washing away with warm water. 

My skin feels so nourished, hydrated and cleansed, it really is incredible to find a mask which ticks all 3 boxes. 

Deep cleansing and radiance is achieved from the rich kaolin clay. The addition of pohutukawa extract from New Zealand helps tone & regenerate while rosehip & evening primrose provide nourishment & hydratration. 

I have actually done a few quick snapchat reviews & talk throughs whilst wearing the mask to show exactly how cool this mask is - you can literally see the oil being extracted from your skin and drawn to the surface. HELLO beautiful clear skin! 

I was struggling with deep congestion due to wearing long wear foundation but I have found with applying this mask twice (ok maybe three) times a week my skin have definitely improved. 

Overall this mask leaves my face feeling cleansed, pores refined with a nice glow - I can easily say this is my favourite face mask.

What face masks have you been enjoying? I would love to know! 

Talk Soon, S x. 

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