July 22, 2016

Asian Skincare: Cherry Lip Treatment

Asian Skincare is becoming more and more popular and it has definitely caught my attention. I am 110% sheet mask obsessed. Whilst on one of my sheet mask shopping trips, I saw this lip treatment which sparked my interest.

So what is it ? 

This cute oversized lip shaped lip mask includes cherry extract and is said to help achieve softer, plumper lips. The gel factor is also said to help cool and revitalise your lips.

Where to purchase?

I picked mine up from W Cosmetics for $2.95 but I am sure any Asian/Korean Cosmetics store would stock them.

My Experience... 

I loved the packaging and the concept of this lip mask, although wearing something across my lips for 10-20minutes did feel a little strange. I would suggest laying down (seems logical right) whilst doing this lip mask. I was trying to take photos and found it would slip around and slide down my face a little bit.

There was plenty of serum in the packet, hence the slip and slide situation. I would suggest patting in excess into your lips and surrounding mouth to help with the hydration and plumping effect.

Overall I found the lip mask to be semi hydrating, however I didn't notice any plumping effect. I am not sure if I would repurchase. It was extremely affordable but I do think there are other products which are just as effective for hydration and can be applied whenever and where ever. These would be a cool addition to a girls night in, I am sure lots of laughs and funny photos would result.

Let me know if you have tried these before or any other intriguing Asian Skincare?

Talk Soon,

S x.


  1. I want to try this! My lips are dry at the moment and I don't need plumping haha. We need to take a trip in to the city so I can visit this store ASAP! <3


  2. I tried this a few nights ago and I would have to agree with you Shannon! I didn't notice a difference but was fun to try xx

  3. I tried this one too and took way too many selfies because I thought I looked hilarious! Was quite nice though, so I repurchased it :P

    Kate | themintedblog.com