April 16, 2015

My Secret to Clearer Skin

Recently I re-introduced a product to my skin care routine. To be honest I am not sure why I stopped. I was telling my friends about it and how much I am impressed with the results, only to be surprised at how little some new about Glycolic Peels.

I have been using the John Plunketts Essentials Glyco Peel along with the collagen lift moisturiser, which I was lucky enough to receive in my goodie bag from the Obsession Beauty Event.

Often a glycolic peel will be used in conjunction with a facial when at the spa. (and who doesn't love going to the spa). However this did provide a handy alternative to do from the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price. 

This peel is of clinical strength with 25% glycolic acid, ideal to be used at night time. I use a small amount and smooth over my entire face and allowing to dry before applying the moisturiser. (You will be surprised how long this 'small' 15ml tube actually lasts) The peel works by exfoliating the most outer layer of skin, helping to remove any old and dull cells sitting on the skin surface. Initally there is a slight tingling sensation but this quickly disappears. Glycolic peels work fabulously for people with pimples or acne, uneven skin colouring. The wonderful thing about the John Plunketts peel is that it also contains two additional ingredients, lactokine & aloe vera, to ensure the peel does not result in any inflammation or dryness.  

I will sleep in this peel & wash off with my morning cleanser. Initially I applied this peel on two consecutive nights, then allowing my skin a night off before applying for two more consecutive nights. This was to kick start the process and give my skin the boost it needed. I will now use this peel twice weekly to ensure my skin is maintained. I should mention my skin is slightly more on the sensitive side and I have not had any issues with becoming dry or irritated.

After only using this product for 2-3 weeks I can honestly say my skin is completely transformed. Prior to using this peel I was struggling with congestion in my forehead. No amount of normal exfoliation was able to provide results. I have also noticed that my skin has a more even tone and has an amazing revitalised glow. I definitely feel a few years younger! Hooray!

As always remember when using any sort of peel type products or treatments your skin may become more sensitive to the sun – it is (as always) very important to ensure you are wearing a daily sun cream to help protect your new amazing skin.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have used any glycolic peel products & which are your favourite.

You can purchase the Glyco Peel direct from www.plunketts.com.au retailing for $29.95 or Priceline & selected pharmacies. 

Talk soon, S x. 


  1. I just started using mine from my Obsession bag too! I can't wait to see the results!!

    Mel | Loads of Lifestyle x

    1. How are you finding it? My skin needed it so badly.. Best thing to refreshen the face haha! xx