April 08, 2015

Let It Be

I recently watched a video by one of my all time favourite YouTuber's Meghan Rienks, regarding her depression story. Depression & Anxiety is something I do not take lightly. I was genuinely touched by her story and could relate on a very personal level. 

So I guess this week’s words of wisdom kind of flow on from my previous post about being a ‘Warrior vs Worrier’. 

– Let it Be –

'It’s a saying I have said over to myself an uncountable number of times. Well what I generally say is ‘let it be & what will be, will be!

I am a big believer & advocate for the law of attraction, so what you put out you will receive – karma if you will. I believe the universe is very powerful & everything has a place & purpose in the world – sometimes we just can’t see or make sense of it just yet. When I find things are spiralling out of control & I just can’t slow it down (control freak I know) I just repeat these words over & over and find a calm sensation takes effect. It’s like a quiet reminder that there is something bigger than me and everything will be ok.

This may come across a little drastic to some but I know there are a lot of people out there that struggle with anxiety and other issues. I just wanted to share something which has helped me through some very tough times.

Do you have a person mantra? I would love to hear what you do to help calm the nerves and jitters in the comments below. 

Talk Soon, S x


  1. Just quietly... How good is Meghan? She's hilarious.

    Thanks for sharing :) I'm yet to find something that's reasonably successful

    1. Oh I love that you love her as well. Seriously I would LOVE to meet her one day! Life goals right there!! Ohhh I am sad that you haven't found a mantra that works for you. I am sure there will be something soon that just sticks and helps! Thank you for reading xx